Google Apps Privacy & Security

Employees want to be able to work where they want when they want, to do so they are taking the data with them. Businesses are finding themselves in the position where more and more employees are burning corporate data onto CD/DVD, thumb drives, putting data on their home machines to work on in the evenings and weekends. This has created serous security concerns, because not only do these incidents expose the data to unwanted eyes but often times we lose the data permanently since much of data resides on laptops or desktops.

As such, we take the privacy and security of our Google Apps customer data very seriously. Security is core to the DNA at Google and at !escunid. The Google products are designed with security considerations upfront, not as afterthoughts, and the Security team is comprised of some of the world’s leading experts in information, application and network security. Google’s infrastructure is composed of tens of thousands of identical systems, and they have custom built hardware. Their machines are built on a custom Linux software stack that is hardened and only has the necessary components and services to run the Google requirements, making it easy to uniformly update of all systems. Each single piece of data is replicated in multiple datacenters, so your Google Apps email is replicated to a primary and a backup data center, that are replicated in real time. Google also undergoes regular security reviews by third parties and SAS 70 audits by an independent third party.

We and Google fully believe in the security of our Google Apps environment that we store our own Google corporate data in the same environment.

Also keep in mind the following:

  • Google does not claim ownership of your data.
  • Google does not share your data except as strictly outlined in the Google Privacy Policy.
  • Google keeps the data as long as you want.
  • Google deletes the data when you ask.
  • Google allows you to take the data out of our system if you decide to switch to a different solution, or if you want to use your data in another application or integrate with other systems.

From the Online Strategy Blog of !escunid

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