Internet Marketing Strategies that get Results – Guaranteed

Drive quality traffic to your website, spark conversation, inspire word-of-mouth, enhance online reputation, increase conversions, eliminate immeasurable wasted marketing expenses on traditional media, and increase your bottom line. Our automated & measured internet marketing tools do just that, and more, to deliver the highest ROI to your organization possible.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Imagine if placing high in search engine results happened just by producing good content? Well in fact it does, although your website must properly display some very key elements to search engine spiders in order to index, analyze, and rank the authority of your website. We’ll show you what these key elements are and how they’re integrated in to our solution.


Paid Search Marketing/Pay Per Click (PPC)

High search engine placement takes time and much diligent effort; get on top of Google and in the face of your prospects with a targeted keyword and geographical Pay Per Click campaign instantly. However, there is not only a science, but an art to it as well; let us show you how it’s done and how we can deliver instant results to you.


Social Media Marketing

Blogging, RSS, facebook, YouTube, twitter, Digg, flickr, Technorati, and more; we’ll demystify the new realm of social media and demonstrate the power each of these tools has when integrated in to our solution in marketing your organization’s products & services and in communicating more effectively with both existing and prospective customers & clients.


Permission Email Marketing

Turning strangers in to friends and friends in to customers – offer incentives for potential customers & clients to accept your message voluntarily – they want to hear from you, and many prospects will in fact opt-in, just to stay connected. Our integrated solution empowers your organization to communicate with these individuals in the most effective way possible.



Whether Copywriting for better optimized search engine placement, writing persuasive sales & ad copy, or researching & creating fresh informative content for a web blog or email campaign, the message you communicate is potentially the most important aspect of the marketing process itself. We have the experts in-house to make your strategic, persuasive, and informative freshly written copy a reality.


Mobile Web Applications

Leverage the accessibility of the iPhone, Blackberry, and more to connect instantly to consumers through the mobile device. Viral marketing has evolved to leverage the power of the mobile network in spreading your message, brand, and product; we’ll show you how this can be done and why a customized Mobile Web Application may make sense for your organization’s marketing goals.


Social Network Applications

facebook, twitter, MySpace (Open Social), and more popular social networks; provided is the opportunity to harness the power of the viral expansion loop to integrate the user activity of your customers & clients from your site or service to publish in their visible newsfeed for all those connected to them to see; we’ll show you how this works and why a customized Social Network Application may make sense for your organization’s marketing goals.


Affiliate Marketing

Imagine an army of salespeople promoting your product or service to targeted buyers across an infinite landscape; how much would their total salaries cost? The answer is $0. This can be accomplished online through an Affiliate Marketing Program and is structured so that sales are entirely commission based. We’ll establish if this method is right for your product or service and effectively implement and manage this program to ensure the highest success rate possible.